Why Base Your Life on the Bible?

Since the Bible was written so long ago, some people think it is irrelevant to us today. However the whole of the Bible points one way or another to Jesus Christ – and his offer of salvation is as applicable today as it was 2000 years ago.


The Bible demonstrates to us that God is not some distant entity but that He communicates with us and wants us to be in relationship with Him. Some of the most ancient parts (written hundreds of years before Christ) tell us how God interacted with people then and gave advance notice of his intention of sending a Saviour who would take away our sin through his suffering (eg Isaiah 53 and Zechariah 12:10). The New Testament contains the record of what the first witnesses actually saw and heard during Jesus’s earthly life – and what happened subsequently.


So what we have in the Bible is:

  • Evidence that Jesus didn’t just appear as some great religious leader; prophet after prophet foretold his appearance – which shows it had always been the central part of God’s plan for the world
  • Evidence from witnesses which have the ring of truth – not least because many of them were prepared to be put to death themselves in defence of what they believed about Jesus Christ as a result.


But why did it all have to happen so long ago?  The answer is that if God was going to let us know exactly what He’s like by coming to earth as a human ‘Son’, then He had to turn up some time. And 2000 years ago wasn’t a bad time to ensure the news got around, given that in the Roman Empire there was a common language for passing on news, open borders and relative peace and security. You might think it would be better today in the digital age, but the key thing about Christianity is that God loves the gospel to be passed on by people directly, so that the difference Jesus actually makes in his followers’ lives can be clearly seen – as well as their words heard.


It may have happened long ago, but we still have manuscript copies of fragments of the gospels dating from within a generation or two of Christ’s death. That means we can be sure that what we read today is an accurate record of what was originally written. As an historical record, the Bible has no equal in the ancient world. It is trustworthy, compelling and contains everything God wants us to know about Himself, his plans, and his love for us.