Who is Jesus?

Put simply, Jesus is the Saviour of the world. It’s quite common to hear people talk about Jesus as though he were simply a great religious figure from the distant past, but that’s not the Bible’s view. The Bible says that He’s alive today! That’s because Jesus was and is God incarnate (ie fully God and fully human).


The focus of Jesus’ work on earth was his death on a cross, because here he did something for us that we couldn’t do for ourselves – he took the punishment from God that our sins deserved, thus freeing us from any prospect of condemnation by God. More than that, his complete moral goodness (the Bible calls this his ‘righteousness’) was transferred to us, so that God can now accept us as members of his family forever.


However, Jesus didn’t stay dead. Three days after being killed he rose again to life – and the gospels contain details of what the various witnesses saw. After promising to send his followers his Holy Spirit, and one day to return again when he brings all history to an end, he then departed from sight, to be with his Father. The fact that he didn’t stay dead showed both that his great sacrifice had worked – it was acceptable to God – and that He was, and is, alive.


Jesus is given various titles in the Bible including:

  • ‘Christ’. Jesus Christ means Jesus, the King. In the Bible, the term Christ has the same meaning as Messiah – and it means God’s chosen King.
  • ‘Lord’. When we talk about the Lord Jesus Christ, we mean that he has authority over us: He is Lord of our lives
  • ‘Saviour’. The great theme of the Bible is how God has shown his love to us by sending his Son to save us from an eternity without God and give us a new life which goes on forever


‘Son of God’. The Bible says that Jesus is both fully God, and also that He is the obedient Son of His Father.