Events Calendar

Some of the Bishop's key commitments over the next two months

Please note this list does not show all of the Bishop’s daily engagements. For availability, please contact [email protected]

Diocesan Visits

9th JanAttend Bishop of Ely’s Staff Team meeting and meet with Bishop Stephen
14th JanLondon Diocese meeting to consider placement of ordinands in title posts
23rd JanMeet with Bishop Viv, Bishop of Bristol
12th FebMeet with Bishop Paul, Bishop of Liverpool
14th FebMeet with Bishop Steven, Bishop of Oxford with conservative evangelical clergy

Church Engagements

13th JanSt Andrew’s Ashton on Ribble - Preach
13th JanAll Saints Preston - Preach
20th JanCrossway Stratford - Visit and attend service with Bishop of Barking
20th JanSt Luke’s Hampstead - Ordination of Tom Pountain as Presbyter
26th JanSt Michael’s Chester Square - Speak at Leaders’ Meeting
27th JanArborfield and Barking Churches - Together for the Gospel event - Preach
27th JanWindsor Fellowship Church - Confirmation
30th JanSt John’s Great Clacton - Licensing of Mark Mulryne as Vicar
7th FebSt James, Gerrards Cross - Attend institution of Matt Beeby
10th FebHoly Trinity Frogmore, St Albans - Preach and meet with PCC
10th FebSt Andrew’s Chelsea - Confirmation
12th FebSt Simon and St Jude Southport - Meet with PCC
17th FebHoly Trinity Wallington - Preach
24th FebSt Thomas Oakwood - Confirmation
24th FebSt John’s Wimborne - Confirmation
25th FebSt John’s Downshire, Hampstead - Meet with Trustees

Other Speaking Engagements and Meetings

6th-7th JanEvangelical Bishops Event
9th-10th JanCEEC Meeting
15th JanRegional Meeting for Canterbury, Chichester and Rochester Dioceses
16th-17th JanJoint Meeting of Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops - attend
19th JanOak Hill College - Why Get Ordained in the CoE - speak
28th JanStart of Christianity Explored Course which Rod is leading in South Godstone
30th JanBishop of Maidstone’s Advisory Group meets
1st FebOak Hill College - Speak to students
2nd FebWhy get ordained in the Church of England, Oak Hill College event at Holy Trinity Platt Manchester - Speak
5th FebBishop of Maidstone’s Regional Meeting for Birmingham, Coventry, Hereford, Lichfield and Worcester Dioceses
11th FebSouthwark ReNew - Attend meeting
21st FebSharing our Learning meeting about work with ordinands and curates
27th FebConsultation with Traditional Catholics