Events Calendar

Some of the Bishop's key commitments over the next two months

Diocesan Visits

5th AprilMeet with the Bishop of Rochester and the clergy and PCC of St John’s Tunbridge Wells
19th AprilMeet with the Bishop of Birkenhead

Church Engagements

2nd AprilSt Peter and St Paul Cudham - Confirmation
2nd AprilSt John’s Bromley - Confirmation
4th AprilSt John’s Tunbridge Wells - Meet with PCC, clergy and Bishop of Rochester
9th AprilSt John’s Carlisle - Confirmation and Commissioning of Parish Visitor
9th AprilSt John’s Hensingham - Preach and Meet with PCC
20th AprilAll Saints Little Shelford - Attend Anniversary Event
23rd AprilSt Thomas Oakwood, London - Confirmation
7th MayHoly Trinity Norwich - Preach
7th MayHenham, Elsenham and Ugley, Essex - Confirmation
12th MaySt Thomas Oakwood, London - Parish Weekend, introductory session
18th MayBrenchley, Kent - Confirmation
20th MaySt Ebbe’s Oxford - PCC Awayday
21st MayEmmanuel Wimbledon - Confirmation
24th MayEmmanuel Wimbledon - Teaching Meeting
28th MaySt Andrew the Great Cambridge - Licensing of Associate Vicar

Other Speaking Engagements and Meetings

4th MaySeminar for Incumbents on Preparing Prospective Ordinands for BAPS - please contact my office if you would like more information about this event which is to be held in Oxford
10th-12th MaySuffragan Bishops Leadership Development Programme
19th MayAMiE Executive Committee Meeting
22nd - 23rd MayHouse of Bishops, York
24th MayBishop of Maidstone’s Advisory Group